La agenda de los derechos humanos

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Eleazar Benjamín Ruiz y Ávila


Eleazar Ruiz analyzes Mexican foreign policy in relation to human rights during the government of president Ernesto Zedillo, based on compliance with Mexico’s international commitments acquired when it became a country party to 58 related international instruments, and on cooperation with the mechanisms established by associating instruments or the resolutions adopted in the multilateral forums. According to the author, foreign policy in this area has pursued Mexico’s full participation in the InterAmerican System of Human Rights, it has been active in proposing initiatives in the multilateral field aimed at providing better protection of human rights, and has been concerned with promotion and protection of the rights of migrants, women, children, and indigenous populations, and with supporting international initiatives in favor of the abolition of the death penalty. The author considers that president Zedillo’s government and Mexican society have committed their efforts and aspirations to fortify a culture that encourages the effectiveness and full enjoyment of human rights.

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Ruiz y Ávila, Eleazar Benjamín. 2022. «La Agenda De Los Derechos Humanos». Revista Mexicana De Política Exterior, n.º 61 (marzo):161-221.