Nueva Zelandia y México: beneficiándose de la ola de conocimientos del Pacífico

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Helen Clark


The author offers a general overview of the current situation in New Zealand, its population, economy, domestic policy and its relation with the rest of the world. She points out how globalization has impacted the country, and considers the benefits it seeks to obtain from this process. She reviews relations with Mexico and with Latin America, and points towards the fields where it is possible to increase cooperation. She also underlines the concerns and the main objectives of New Zealand’s government in education, scientific research, direct foreign investment, immigration and electronic commerce. Regarding foreign policy, she points out to the country’s position on terrorism, disarmament and support to the U.N.

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Clark, Helen. 2022. «Nueva Zelandia Y México: Beneficiándose De La Ola De Conocimientos Del Pacífico». Revista Mexicana De Política Exterior, n.º 65 (marzo):145-56.