Mexico and the Fragile Situation in Mali and the Sahel

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Jesús Cisneros Chávez


The evolution of the conflict in Mali and the Sahel has brought about significant changes in the dynamics within the Security Council. The prolonged security crisis in this African region and the growing divergence of interests among Council members make it increasingly difficult to reach agreements and show the limited results that the Council’s actions have had in stabilizing the Sahel. In this context, Mexico advocated for a review of the strategy to pacify the region and promoted an open and transparent dialogue that allowed for the unanimous support of the Sanctions Committee on Mali to be maintained.

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Cisneros Chávez, Jesús. 2023. «Mexico and the Fragile Situation in Mali and the Sahel». Revista Mexicana De Política Exterior, n.º 127 (diciembre):51-63.