CELAC’s Contribution to the 2030 Agenda

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Roberta Lajous
Lourdes Sosa


In January 2020, Mexico assumed the Pro Tempore Presidency of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC). In this essay, we analyze the challenges the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic poses to sustainable development in Latin America and the Caribbean, its social and economic consequences and how CELAC is contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. Our findings reveal the benefits of regional cooperation in response to such an extraordinary situation, which can only help strengthen CELAC.

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Lajous, Roberta, y Lourdes Sosa. 2021. «CELAC’s Contribution to the 2030 Agenda». Revista Mexicana De Política Exterior, n.º 118 (julio):95-115. https://revistadigital.sre.gob.mx/index.php/rmpe/article/view/38.