Los mexicanos y el mundo: elementos para pensar y diseñar la política exterior

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Guadalupe González González
Jorge A. Schiavon


A fundamental question in the field of international relations is how do States define their national interests and on what basis do governments determine the priorities and strategies of their foreign policies? According to Guadalupe González and Jorge Schiavon, in a democratic regime foreign policy should promote national interests as defined by a process that represents the preferences and reflects the views of the majority. From this, we can conclude that the greater the knowledge of its citizens’ world views, the greater the likelihood a government’s foreign policy will be in tune with the true interests of society. And the chances are it will also be more effective, since it will enjoy the approval of that society. In this article, the authors sum up the main findings of the Mexico, the Americas and the World 2010 poll and analyze these within a national and international context so as to suggest ways in which informed public opinion can help shape Mexico’s foreign policy and its role in an international context. What are the concerns and aspirations of Mexicans vis à vis the world? Where do they think they stand in the global arena? What stance do they take on the migration phenomenon? How can the preferences and views of the Mexican people serve as building blocks in the formulation of foreign policy? González and Schiavon address these and other key aspects of Mexico’s relationship with the world at a time when the country is taking stock of its present situation and debating its future in the light of 200 years of independence.

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González González, Guadalupe, y Jorge A. Schiavon. 2022. «Los Mexicanos Y El Mundo: Elementos Para Pensar Y diseñar La política Exterior». Revista Mexicana De Política Exterior, n.º 93 (marzo):135-74. https://revistadigital.sre.gob.mx/index.php/rmpe/article/view/551.