Rusia en la era de Vladimir Putin: la búsqueda del interés nacional ruso

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Ana Teresa Gutiérrez del Cid


In this essay, Ana Teresa Gutiérrez analyzes the growth of the Russian economy in the years since the disintegration of the USSR and the end of the cold war. According to the author, President Vladimir Putin aims to consolidate his mandate by turning Russia into a world power again, via a strategy that includes, among other aspects, the development of the technology sector, the broadening of market reforms, the elimination of bureaucracy and the establishment of a centralized State. Gutiérrez del Cid then goes on to give a brief chronological rundown of the evolution of Russia’s foreign policy, from the country’s emergence as an independent nation to date. Economic stability having been achieved through the introduction of appropriate infrastructure, priority was given to national interests, while seeking to establish a multi-polar model in international relations. In the author’s view, the Russia of today aspires to be an influential player in the creation of a new world order.

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Gutiérrez del Cid, Ana Teresa. 2022. «Rusia En La Era De Vladimir Putin: La Búsqueda Del interés Nacional Ruso». Revista Mexicana De Política Exterior, n.º 74 (marzo):67-107.