La Tercera Cumbre América Latina y el Caribe-Unión Europea: la construcción de la asociación estratégica birregional

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María de Lourdes Dieck Assad


Here, the author analyzes the context, issues and results of the Third Latin American and the Caribbean-European Union (LAC-EU) Summit from the perspective of the strategic bi-regional partnership that is in the process of being consolidated between these nations. In the author’s view, the Guadalajara Summit successfully managed to focus the attention of both regions on what they are capable of achieving together in the fields of politics, economics and cooperation. The leading role of Mexico’s diplomatic corps as interlocutor and negotiator in this process is also described, in addition to several innovations in the format of the LAC-EU Summits. The main challenge facing this partnership is to implement and follow up on the commitments undertaken in the Declaration of Guadalajara. This document, which the author analyzes in depth, is an updated vignette of the dynamics, reciprocal priorities, scope and challenges of the bi-regional agenda. As regards the central issues of the Third Summit —multilateralism and social cohesion—, the author underlines the fundamental importance of political dialogue and reaching consensus at regional and global forums. In the sphere of economics, the ideal scenario would be for trade negotiations between the European Union and the different sub-regions of Latin America and the Caribbean to be successfully concluded. Furthermore, methods of cooperation between the two regions need to be strengthened, particularly in the areas of social cohesion, the sharing of scientific and technological know-how and education.

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Dieck Assad, María de Lourdes. 2022. «La Tercera Cumbre América Latina Y El Caribe-Unión Europea: La construcción De La asociación estratégica Birregional». Revista Mexicana De Política Exterior, n.º 71 (marzo):21-48.