Nuevos temas de la problemática de la globalización: el crimen transnacional organizado, la delincuencia financiera y la corrupción

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Pierre Charasse


The author explains the factors that originate organized transnational crime on today’s international stage, as well as its current situation. He further proposes new approaches to studying and finding a solution to this problem. In addition, he refers to the different ways this phenomenon materializes: drug trafficking and related crimes; trafficking of immigrants, human beings and firearms, as well as corruption. With a view to meeting this situation head on, he underscores two main players: civil society, which has assumed an important role in public affairs, and the State, which needs to strengthen itself in order to confront this problem.

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Charasse, Pierre. 2022. «Nuevos Temas De La problemática De La globalización: El Crimen Transnacional Organizado, La Delincuencia Financiera Y La corrupción». Revista Mexicana De Política Exterior, n.º 64 (marzo):165-85.