La 18 Cumbre del Grupo de Río y la 14 Cumbre Iberoamericana: la continuidad de la Diplomacia de Cumbres

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Yanerit Morgan Sotomayor


This article discusses the importance of the 18th Summit of the Rio Group and the 14th Ibero-American Summit, their achievements and the role played at these by Mexico. The author believes that these forums for dialog and agreement have given Latin and Ibero-American States a more relevant presence on an international level, while Summit Diplomacy is an essential tool in the strengthening of ties of cooperation and communication between these countries. She then provides a general description of the issues discussed and the texts produced by both summits, before proceeding to weigh up the achievements of each. The added-value of these summits, she says, lies in the approach they take and the opportunity they offer to create synergies, due to their unique formats and well-defined nature.

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Morgan Sotomayor, Yanerit. 2022. «La 18 Cumbre Del Grupo De Río Y La 14 Cumbre Iberoamericana: La Continuidad De La Diplomacia De Cumbres». Revista Mexicana De Política Exterior, n.º 72 (marzo):151-70.