Las percepciones en Europa sobre la Tercera Cumbre América Latina y el Caribe-Unión Europea: una visión desde España.

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Jordi Bacaria Colom


This article reflects on the Third LAC-EU Summit in the context of the change of government in Spain, in April, 2004. The author discusses the radical turnaround in Spain’s foreign policy toward Europe, the Mediterranean and Latin America. He then proceeds to review the First LAC-EU Summit, which took place in Rio de Janeiro, and the progress that has been made in the forging of a strategic bi-regional partnership, in addition to the European Parliament’s participation in the political debate. He also refers to Mexico’s economic relations with the European Union, and the latter’s relations with Latin America. The participation of the United States is discussed in the same context, as is the importance of Central American countries and the Andean Community. According to the author, Latin America has been given pride of place in Spain’s foreign policy since the late eighties and the relationship between the new Spanish government and the Franco-German nucleus, added to the country’s reclaimed role as an actor in the European construction process, could lead us to believe that this Third Summit heralds a new phase in the European Union’s relations with Latin America and the Caribbean.

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Bacaria Colom, Jordi. 2022. «Las Percepciones En Europa Sobre La Tercera Cumbre América Latina Y El Caribe-Unión Europea: Una visión Desde España». Revista Mexicana De Política Exterior, n.º 71 (marzo):93-111.