América Latina y Europa, modernidad e integración

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Carlos Ballesteros


This essay focuses on an understanding of integration processes as different facets of modernity, and suggests measures that could be taken to build a solid partnership between Latin America and Europe. The author stresses the importance this regional dimension has taken on in recent years, to the extent that it has redefined the disciplinary field of international relations. It is in this context that he analyzes the current situation of Europe and Latin America, from the weight of each bloc’s individual problems to points of common interest in the international arena. Among other aspects, there are three basic areas that need to be focused on in order to take relations between the two regions to the next step: the strengthening of multilateralism; the structuring of policies that favor social cohesion; and the promotion of regional and sub-regional integration in Latin America. The author concludes by underlining the fact that political will is essential to cooperation between Latin America and Europe in every sphere. 

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Ballesteros, Carlos. 2022. «América Latina Y Europa, Modernidad E integración». Revista Mexicana De Política Exterior, n.º 71 (marzo):113-33.