El Consenso y los compromisos de Monterrey

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Miguel Hakim Simón


The author points out that the new agenda for development began with the Millennium Declaration and the Doha round of trade negotiations. He also underlines Mexico’s role in the organization of the International Conference on Financing for Development, held in Monterrey, which showed the need to strengthen a comprehensive alliance in favor of development. Thus, whereas the developing countries have to adopt appropriate and transparent economic policies, good public management and respect for human rights, the developed countries should support such efforts with greater volumes of aid, access to their markets, cancellation of unsustainable debt and the creation of a more appropriate international context. He concludes that Mexico must transform itself, from facilitator of the Monterrey Consensus, into the best promoter of the Monterrey Challenge.

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Hakim Simón, Miguel. 2022. «El Consenso Y Los Compromisos De Monterrey». Revista Mexicana De Política Exterior, n.º 66 (marzo):23-36. https://revistadigital.sre.gob.mx/index.php/rmpe/article/view/910.