Estados Unidos ante el cambio del escenario internacional

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Luis Maira


The author describes and analyzes some aspects regarding the origin and evolution of the United States in order to understand the country’s actions in the international arena, the handling of its foreign policy and its reaction in times of crisis, particularly after the events of September 11. He also presents an overview of the transformations and transition periods the international system has experienced in the course of history. He highlights the current world restructuring after the terrorist attacks, as well as the elements that make up the new international scene. He explores the emergence of conflicts that differ substantially from the conventional wars between States. The work reviews the problems of fundamentalism and terrorism. The author finally ponders on the immediate future and the decision- making process in the United States.

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Maira, Luis. 2022. «Estados Unidos Ante El Cambio Del Escenario Internacional». Revista Mexicana De Política Exterior, n.º 65 (marzo):11-42.