Nuevas amenazas a la paz y seguridad internacionales

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Lilia Bermúdez Torres


The author explains the existing relation between the new items in the world agenda and international security, as well as its implications within the UN. She analyzes the causes that originated the appearance of the so-called new international agenda. She points out its defining features and discusses the positions that have been contended within the organization to respond to the new threats to peace. She explores different approaches: contention, coercion, military, and also reviews the preventive approach, which promotes internationalcooperation, and that Mexican diplomacy has faithfully followed. She finally offers elements that have contributed to limiting the militarist orientation, which dominated the early years of the postcold- war period, and the perspectives of the cooperation approach.

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Bermúdez Torres, Lilia. 2022. «Nuevas Amenazas a La Paz Y Seguridad Internacionales». Revista Mexicana De Política Exterior, n.º 65 (marzo):83-97.