La diáspora cultural mexicana y la proyección de imaginarios en el exterior

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Edgardo Bermejo Mora


There are a substantial number of Mexican artists and intellectuals who go about their work on the contemporary cultural scene as immigrants, having chosen to reside in other countries for professional or personal reasons. These creators, who make up the Mexican cultural Diaspora, belong to a cosmopolitan tradition of dialogue with other cultures and languages that is characteristic of our cultural endeavors and one of the distinguishing features of 21st century Mexican culture. Edgardo Bermejo suggests a series of actions aimed at incorporating the activities and initiatives of this assorted group into Mexico’s cultural diplomacy strategies, based on the notion of intellectual remittances that contribute to the country’s development and help project a positive image of Mexico abroad.

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Bermejo Mora, Edgardo. 2012. «La diáspora Cultural Mexicana Y La proyección De Imaginarios En El Exterior». Revista Mexicana De Política Exterior, n.º 96 (agosto):131-49.